This, also called sleep dentistry, is the practice of administering any form of sedation to a patient before completing a dental treatment. The level of sedation can be moderate to meet the needs of the patient. This type of dentistry works well for many people who are worried about dental procedures or who have special needs. However, before you decide to use sedation at your next appointment with the dentist, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this medical technique.

For many people, sedation is a necessary component of dental procedures. This need may arise from a strong fear of dentists or dental procedures or may be due to specific diseases. Fortunately, sleep dentistry is safe and very effective, so patients do not realize the discomfort and pain associated with certain dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide and Oral sedation is very often used as a sedatives in Sedation dentistry.

  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation

    The common name for this is laughing gas or happy gas, and this is a very effective sedation technique. This is an analgesic, and it leaves you easy and happy. It leaves the person in a very happy and frivolous state, and also makes her laugh. This was called the gas of laughter. The use of nitrous oxide in its pure form for a long period of time can be harmful and in some cases, it can be fatal.

  • Oral Sedation

    It not only provides a painless experience for patients suffering from anxiety, but it is also useful for time consuming procedures. For example, if a patient experiences a complete cosmetic "makeup smile" that generally involves extensive recovery procedures, oral sedation is beneficial because it allows the dentist to work for a longer period of time, thus reducing the number of visits or even to the half.

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